"The Dystopya" was created by vocalist Mike Oliva after noticing a lack of bands in this particular style. The lineup has never changed ever since.

Current lineup:
Mike Oliva (Vocalist)
Rod Wolf (Vocalist)
Laercio Melo (Guitar player)
Daniel Campos (Guitar player)
Thacito Aran (Bassist)
Carlos Garibaldi (Drummer) 


Mike Oliva:
Born: August, 28
Other Bands:
* Victorian;
* Krystine;
* Last Desires Metal Opera;
* Onix The Progressive Opera.

Rod Wolf:
Born: August, 31
Other Bands:
*Endless Solitude.

Laercio Melo:
Guitar Player
Born: May, 18
Other Bands:
*Locomotive Breath

Daniel Campos:
Guitar Player
Born: October, 26
Other Bands:

Thacito Aran:
Born: February, 2
Other Bands:
*Santo Pecador;

Carlos Garibaldi:
Born: March, 25
Other Bands:
*Son of a Witch
*Tesla Orquestra;
And Others bands.