Dystopya released Welcome To Your Insanity

Formed during 2011, mixing Heavy, Thrash, Power Metal and Progressive styles, the brazilian band Dystopya is releasing "Welcome To Your Insanity" virtual EP. Produced by Alexandre Guimarães, Isack Rangel and Dystopya, mixed by Alexandre Guimarães and Paulo Dantas, mastered by Paulo Dantas.

This conceptual album deals with the struggle between "Myself" and "Insanity", characters represented as follow Mike Oliva (lead vocals) as "Myself" and the guests Danilo Herbert (Mindflow), Dani Navarro (Rhevan), Fábio Caldeira (Maestrick) and Paulo Dantas (Kataphero) as "Insanity". Alexandre Ferreira signs the cover art.

You can hear by clicking the links:

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